Revelation of my life through my words

The Now, for the future

No more guaranteed fairy tale endings this time. There’s no more assurance that what lies ahead is something you’ll probably love, or hell, even think of liking. This is what comes to mind when I start thinking of the future,... Continue Reading →

I'm sitting on the lower bank of a double-decker bed with my kid brother, minutes away from midnight, trying to turn my thoughts into words. Thoughts I've been having all week. Hell, maybe even for a year now.  These are... Continue Reading →

Blemished by Tags

Idle minds are dangerous or innovative, depends on how you look at it. Time and again, I have this compelling yet disturbing urge to answer questions in my head that I genuinely intend to be either sarcastic or rhetorical. Am... Continue Reading →

Wi-Fi password,please

There’s a growing list of reasons I wake up every morning and grind the rest of the day out. Even through the most boring of lectures. Lectures so boring they make you have a strong feeling, a deep feeling, like... Continue Reading →

Of transparent sufurias

Rooted to one spot, in the middle of one of the several dusty roads of Rongai town. Not the Rongai in Rift Valley Province, and yes, I just said province. We might be the 90s babies but we’re now all... Continue Reading →

The Back-up Plan

I clearly had not signed up for this, not at all and I bet you'll definitely agree with me on this one. I mean, I hadn't planned to go to school till the second or third week of the semester but this is... Continue Reading →


It’s 6.30 in the morning and I had just managed not to press the snooze button on my phone, only just. It’s one of those life-changing decisions you have to make once in a while, you know, because you’re always... Continue Reading →


She just stood there, staring. I felt like staring back but I was afraid that she would catch me in the act, as if that would have been my fault. Those type of moments really bug me. You practise patience, wait for... Continue Reading →

Feeling Sentimental

We all get stuck from time to time. Rooted to one spot, either by emotion, failure or just a feeling of general tragic despair, infuriation, uneasiness, sulkiness, and now I think you've got the handle of where I'm getting to, so... Continue Reading →

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Revelation of my life through my words

Dysfunctional Literacy

Just because you CAN read Moby Dick doesn't mean you should!


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Clarence Rugar

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Lao Tzu

I've become my parents

Things my son needs to know before he grows up to be just like me.